Probate Expert Witness and Consulting Witness Services

Expert Witness

    • Trust and Estate Administration *
    • Protective Proceeding Administration
    • Power of Attorney
    • Fiduciary Responsibility, and Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility

      * Trustee positions are accepted in the personal name of the individual serving in that role. Baysore & Christian Fiduciary Services, LLC is neither a chartered bank nor a chartered trust company and therefore does not serve as a corporate trustee.
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration
  • 8 years owning and operating Baysore & Christian Fiduciary Services, LLC
  • Trustee in over 60 trusts
  • Conservator in more than 90 conservatorships
  • Personal Representative in more than 50 estates
  • 35+ years business experience in Senior Management and Entrepreneurial Ventures including:
    1.  Professional Fiduciary
    2.  Banking
    3.  Commercial Real Estate
    4.  Mortgage Lending
    5.  Industrial Multi Plant Operations
  • Fact Witness in 15+ conservatorship hearings with a contested component
  • Fact witness in 4 commercial litigation actions including a jury trial and an arbitration
  • Fact/expert witness in a probate related criminal case

Scott Christian

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