We expertly handle all aspects of our clients’ financial lives when they are no longer able. We take great care to make sure that our clients are able to continue to make their own lifestyle decisions to the extent they can. In addition, we analyze and plan for our clients’ financial future to maximize their quality of life while preserving assets for their care.


Personal Representative

We shoulder the laborious and technical job of settling estates. We are skilled at efficiently marshaling the deceased’s assets through the probate process and  timely distributing the assets to the heirs. With extensive experience in all of the front range court systems, we execute the wishes of the deceased whether there is a will or not. We work to preserve the estate for the heirs, minimize any tax impact, and fairly distribute the assets bringing the estate administration to an expeditious close.

We have specific and extensive experience in dealing with real estate assets.  We’ve handled estates holding as little as a single bedroom condo to estates holding over thirty residential and commercial properties. Regardless of the complexity of the holdings, we can deliver sound execution of the estate plan.


Financial Power of Attorney

Many times, our clients want to know that their financial decisions will be made with expertise and care when they are unable to make those decisions themselves. Our years of financial experience give our clients the confidence and security that they will be well taken care of  in the event they are unable to take care of  themselves.


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Mr. Baysore has done a wonderful job for our family in a definite time of need. He is extremely accountable and has kept us informed in every step of the process.”

– Connie R.