Hi, We're Baysore & Christian Fiduciary Services!

About Baysore & Christian Fiduciary Services


We are a team of Professional Fiduciaries committed to providing our clients with the best fiduciary services available.

We are a straight forward company with a shared vision to treat our clients with the utmost respect and care. We are compassionate, honest, and strive for thorough collaboration and communication with all parties involved.

Baysore & Christian is an Employee Owned Company.

The BCFS Team is a leader in the fiduciary industry, helping to shape the future of the fiduciary profession. Our professionals are members of, and/or hold key leadership roles in:

  • National Guardianship Association
  • Colorado Guardianship Association
  • Patrons of Colorado Bar Association
  • Fiduciary Forum
  • Professional Fiduciary Oversight Exploration Committee
  • Arapahoe County District Court Best Practices Committee
  • Arapahoe County Adult Protective Team
Baysore and Christian meeting with client

Meet the Baysore & Christian Fiduciary Services Team!

Scott Christian

Managing Partner

303.798.6900 ext. 1101

Direct: 720.776.0195

Stephanie Lambert

Partner Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 1102

Direct: 720.343.3581

Karen Miller

Partner Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 1105

Direct: 720.868.5545

Elle Tauer, Esq.

Partner Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 1108

Direct: 720.680.2352

Teri Hayes


303.798.6900 ext. 1103

Direct: 720.679.3319

Lisa Dunn


303.798.6900 ext. 1118

Direct: 720.343.3546

Stefanie Divito


303.798.6900 ext. 1119

Direct: 720.797.9475

Julie McDermott


303.798.6900 ext. 1111

Direct: 720.680.2710

Alex Cabrall

Tax Partner

303.798.6900 ext. 1110

Direct: 720.868.5532

Patty Kelly
Internal Audit & Accounting Manager


Patty Wei

Internal Auditor


Shane Oltmanns

Senior Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 1107

Direct: 720.806.1824

Kate Lind

Senior Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 1112

Direct: 720.853.0948

Adrienne Thorpe

Senior Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 1117

Direct: 720.868.5480

Alexandrea Hurtado

Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 1122

Direct: 720.868.5488

Izaak Holsapple

Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 1124

Direct: 720.853.0050

Luna Garcia

Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 1115

Direct: 720.868.5543

Stacy Haskell

Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 1116

Direct: 720.868.5531

Ronda Chadwick

Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 1109

Direct: 303.970.9032

Raeann Hicks

Administrative Assistant


Robin Christian

Office Manager

303.798.6900 ext. 1113

Direct: 720.343.3298


Head of Security

Frank Baysore

Retired Partner

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