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About Us


We are a team of Professional Fiduciaries committed to providing our clients with the best service available.

We are a straight forward company with a shared vision to treat our clients with the utmost respect and care. We are compassionate, honest, and strive for thorough collaboration and communication with all parties involved.

Baysore & Christian is an Employee Owned Company.

The BCFS Team is a leader in the fiduciary industry, helping to shape the future of the fiduciary profession. Our professionals are members of, and/or hold key leadership roles in:

  • National Guardianship Association
  • Colorado Guardianship Association
  • Patrons of Colorado Bar Association
  • Fiduciary Forum
  • Professional Fiduciary Oversight Exploration Committee
  • Arapahoe County District Court Best Practices Committee
  • Arapahoe County Adult Protective Team
Baysore and Christian meeting with client

Meet the Team!

Scott Christian

Managing Partner

303.798.6900 ext. 101

Stephanie Lambert

Partner Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 102

Karen Miller

Partner Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 105

Teri Hayes


303.798.6900 ext. 103

Elle Tauer, Esq.


303.798.6900 ext. 108

Bridget Rodriguez


303.798.6900 ext. 115

Alex Cabrall

Tax Partner

303.798.6900 ext. 110

Patty Kelly
Internal Audit & Accounting Manager

303.798.6900 ext. 106

Patty Wei

Senior Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 104

Julie McDermott

Senior Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 111

Shane Oltmanns

Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 107

Kate McFarland

Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 112

Emily Meehan

Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 109

Kathy Biondolilo

Associate Fiduciary

303.798.6900 ext. 116

Robin Christian

Office Manager

303.798.6900 ext. 113

Raeann Hicks

Administrative Assistant

303.798.6900 ext. 114

Frank Baysore

Retired Partner

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